August 23, 2010

That was the date that I first became acquainted with a certain young lady who delurked on Mackenzie’s blog (still waiting for the rest of that story, btw, Mack *g*). I remember being struck by how she made me laugh with her post, but little did I know I would eventually come to know her much better. *smile*

Fizzy mentioned on the Sapphic Discipline Forum that her birthday was in July, and so I’d wanted to post a little present for her. I originally meant it to be up July 1 (yes really, Sandy  🙂 ), but better late than never.

The Xmas story I posted with a “Lizzie McFizzy” character was supposed to be a one-shot deal. But the characters seemed to have more to say, and so it seemed a natural for more adventures of the little rascal. *g* (Btw, I’ve tried to capture her playful spirit, but certain details have been changed to protect the guilty. So don’t assume anything is fact.)

It’s been quite a journey since that day, not quite a year ago, when I first learned of the existence of Fizzy. I would never have suspected I’d take on another brat, or that I’d become so invested in her welfare. The spanking part tops do expect (and enjoy *eg*)…the laughter and warm fuzzies are a bonus. I feel pretty damn lucky.

So…in honor of Fizzy’s birthday, you can find the story here. Or in the story section, under “One Shots.”

Happy Birthday to a brat that a simple story would never be able to do justice to. 😀  But I gave it my best shot. *g*

7/22/11: Edited to post the entire story. 🙂

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29 Responses to August 23, 2010

  1. Loki Renard says:

    D’aw, happy birthday Fizzy! And what a cute warm and fuzzy story it is shaping up to be Alyx 🙂 Another great tale in your inimitable style.

  2. Fizzy says:

    Best birthday present ever. 😀 Thank you Alyx!! and thanks Loki for the birthday wishes.

  3. bystander says:

    loved the story, second part was so sweet i had a lump in my throat (what can i say, i’m a soft touch). Thankyou for your stories Alyx 🙂

    • Alyx says:

      I’m happy to hear you found the second part to be sweet, Bystander. (Something somebody said made me wonder if I portrayed the brat as less than nice, which wasn’t intended!) Thank YOU for letting me know you liked it. 🙂

  4. SP says:

    Great story, Alyx! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I thought both characters came to life, especially Roslyn’s loving/nurturing nature that is captured so well. Fizzy’s a lucky girl to have R as a next door neighbor (maybe minus the hairbrush? LOL.)
    Happy birthday!

    • sunnid says:

      Excellent ..I have quote that I like very much, and I strive for, but I think you have reached the highest level;
      ” Writer about the things you are most passionate about and it will come through your words, between the lines, and right into the hearts and souls of your reader.”

      • Alyx says:

        Wow, that’s very flattering Sunnid. I do write about the things which strike me (er…pun NOT intended! 😆 ), and it’s true when one is inspired it shows in one’s work. At least it’s so for me. I’m happy to know the story spoke to you too. 🙂

    • Alyx says:

      Thank you, SP. I’m really happy you liked it. Except that Roslyn would not be Roslyn without her hairbrush….I’m sure you agree with that? 😀

  5. sandy says:

    What I wouldn’t give to have a Roslyn of my own living next door, ready to spring into action whenever I get struck down by can’t-be-arsed-itis…it’s the ideal fantasy!

    A lovely warm, sweet story Alyx, I really enjoyed reading it, and if the cheeky/witty comments that Fizzy sometimes makes here are anything to go by, then I think you’ve captured her character rather well. Can we assume there’s a little bit of your own personality portrayed in Roslyn? She comes across as very caring, loving and kind, but strict and a bit bossy…nothing about her having a huge ass though, did you just forget to put that bit in?? (kidding).
    Wishing you all the best Alyx, I think you’re both very lucky!


    • Alyx says:

      “Can’t-be-arsed-itis,” eh? Did I ever tell you you really have a way with words, Sandy? 😆

      Thank you for the very nice comments, hon. And I do think I captured RL Fizzy’s playfulness and wit quite well. 🙂 However thank you for giving me the opportunity to mention that RL Fizzy is much more appreciative of her top’s meddling than the brat in the story. (As well she should be, since she’s the one who requested it. *bg*)

      As far as that idealized top is concerned, however, Roslyn is nothing like me. My palm is harder, my temper shorter, and my arse much, much larger. 😉

  6. sandy says:

    I almost forgot…Happy Birthday Fizzy, hope you have a good one!!

    • Fizzy says:

      Thanks Sandy! 🙂 (and thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!) ROTFL at your “can’t-be-arsed-itis,” I shall have to remember that one at some future date. Think if I say it fast enough she’ll have forgotten about this and will believe it’s a real disease? 😀

      (And don’t believe her for a second about not being like Roslyn. I am a lucky brat.) (Okay, I do believe Alyx hits harder though. :D)

      • Alyx says:

        Okay, one thing Roslyn and I do have in common: I fully endorse spanking a naughty brat to tears. 😉

      • sandy says:

        I’ll have you both know that can’t-be-arsed-itis is a proper affliction and sadly, there is no cure that I know of!

        Fizzy, it doesn’t surprise me that Alyx hits harder, people with large asses are usually pretty strong!!

  7. cras says:

    Arguably, there’s a little bit of the writer in every character created, which means that Alyx is somewhere in the fictional Fizzy too, which makes sense since she does have a little bit of a brat in her. 😉

    Happy Birthday, Fizzy, and congrats on the wonderful present!

    • Alyx says:

      Ah, you’re lucky you’re not within reach, Cras! I categorically deny having any brat in me, and it was a STRETCH to portray it in the story. Luckily all I had to do was imagine what the RL Fizzy might be thinking, and voila! Instant cheeky remark! 😆

      • cras says:

        Of course I’m lucky not to be in reach, Alyx! And just think, what I typed above was actually posted after careful consideration and I even toned it down a bit. After all, I’m well aware of what sort of reach a disgruntled Top can achieve, even from the far side of the world. 😉

        I’m sure it was an absolute “STRETCH” to portray a brat in your story. You, however, seem to do that sort of stretching on a regular basis, what with all the brats that you portray so well in your numerous stories. Who was the inspiration for all the others? *smiles innocently at you*

        • Fizzy says:

          *giggling and quietly applauding cras*

          • Alyx says:

            Dang, you’ve got even my brat cheering you on! *growl*

            Touche, Cras. *vbg* This cracked me up and would’ve resulted in the usual top’s revenge — a longer spanking for making me laugh — if I could get my hands on you! 😀

            • cras says:

              *Valiantly resists the urge to taunt*

              It’s nice to know that all that training in how to be logical can pay off every so often, despite my resistance to it. I’m glad it made you laugh though. 🙂

              • Alyx says:

                You didn’t ask this, but just as an item of interest, a few of my other stories were also based on RL brats that I know:

                1. Brief…But Memorable
                2. Let the Punishment Fit
                3 & 4. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Whacks, Turnabout (same brat)
                5. The Wheels of Justice (she denies being a brat, but if the prison suit fits…*vbg*)

                The rest, yes, they came from my imagination. Which had to be STRETCHED. Good thing I can take on personas absolutely foreign to me. 😀

                • cras says:

                  You can take on personas absolutely foreign to you? Hmmm…

                  *Adopts a Freudian accent* And how long vould you say that you’ve been hearing the voices? Or maybe is that you are many someones, ja? Don’t vorry! Ve have medications for that! 😉

                  *Loses the accent* Then again, if we went that route, you might not be able to write more stories and that would certainly be a bad thing. *Grins cheekily at you* I keep thinking this impish feeling will go away after a day or two but it’s still here. 🙂

                • Alyx says:

                  I don’t think those impish feelings go away on their own. Sometimes they have to be driven out….thoroughly and repeatedly. *nods sagely*

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