Woo-hoo, Loki Renard wrote another F/F story!! *dance of joy, which looks remarkably like Snoopy’s* 😀  I can hardly wait!! (Looks like it has a witch in it too, which makes it near and dear to my heart. *g*)

Also happening is an adventure in the Brat Camp of the Sapphic Discipline forum. A bus-load of brats and a trip to Las Vegas…what could go wrong?? Plenty, I suspect. I was hoping to gather my own bus-load of Tops to go with me (remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas *vbg*), but so far no takers. Well, I shall follow them on my own, if need be! *valiant expression in the face of certain harm*

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  1. micah says:

    Alyx –
    Don’t worry if there are no takers. I can understand the daunting task of trying to keep up with all the young brats. It’s not something just any top can do. *bg*
    It is funny though to see so many show up while YOU are meting out the swats and cheering you on only to fade into the shadows again…

    Oh by the way – my avatar and name are wrong. I’m CUTIE, not Micah…can you fix that for me???
    *wide innocent eyes*

    • Alyx says:

      Cutey, eh? You do realize that 1) WordPress knows who you are, and 2) lying is grounds for punishment, right? 😉

      • micah says:

        Mm..maybe we should just delete the message above…I would hate for any of the lovely TOPS to get a bad impression…

        *Catching sight of Alyx’s expression* I…think…I’ll just head on back to Brat Camp now..If any BRATS want to come over and play we would love to have you…I’m sure the TOPS are too busy doing toply things to …
        *Definitely not liking Alyx’s expression*…Bye!!!

        • Alyx says:

          Micah, I hope your little notebook has room in it…right next to your names. I’ll be wanting to jot down tic marks next to yours. Or maybe some stars. Yes, stars will be very appropriate, methinks. 😈

  2. sandy says:

    You know, I’ve been nice to obnoxious persons all day since I read that news, can’t wait to read the whole thing!

    Adventure-wise, I’m not a Top…or a brat! You could do with an apprentice though…someone to help you out during the day and then switch camps at night when the real fun starts!

  3. BickaBecka says:

    Maybe you could come with me, Sandy? The trick is to give the whole thing a push without actually doing anything bad yourself… and then stand on the sidelines with some popcorn.

    P.S. It would be nice if some more tops would help Alyx… please….. pretty please…..

  4. Katherine says:

    For the record, I never said I was a top. Do you mind if I share the popcorn BickaBecka?

  5. micah says:

    **Sooo…Ms Katherine…You aren’t a TOP…That makes you “good people’ in my book.
    *taking out notepad and marking * I was keeping a tally of who was a TOP and who was a Brat during the Party days…
    What’s the saying?…Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

    • Katherine says:

      michah I completely agree.

      • micah says:

        *whispering so Alyx doesn’t realize I’m still here*
        I think you and I will get along just fine…
        You wanna come play at the Brat Camp??? Other than a couple of evil TOPs following us around we’re having a wonderful time… lol
        *think I hear Alyx comng* see ya

          • micah says:

            Cool!!! See ya there!!!
            We’re easy to find…We’re the topless (heheh pun intended) girls dancing on top of a retro VW van in a parade. We’re hard to miss!!!
            Beware of a black van following nearby though…the crew inside should be avoided at all costs…
            Peace Out, Ms K

  6. micah says:

    Hey, LadyKate:
    We haven’t seen you over at Brat Camp… You better hurry! I’m hoping there will be couple of women in uniform showing up soon….(sigh)
    (inadverdently uses Beckas’ sign with palm facing back instead of forward)
    *thinking…Oh well, Lady Kate wouldn’t know I just ‘saluted’ her unless she’s from England or Australia anyway…*

  7. bystander says:

    love the stories and have a great laugh reading the conversations going on, especially alyx’s replies lol

    • Alyx says:

      Thank you, Bystander, and thanks for stopping by. Just having a conversation with my readers, witty and saucy bunch that they are, is a test of creativity for me! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying it.

  8. bystander says:

    you’re welcome, great night time reading :)….well probably morning since i’m meant to be getting up in 3hrs lol. been reading for months now and never fails to entertain 😀

  9. Fizzy says:

    Loki’s ebook is here! Fizzy’s review: It has witches. And spanking witches. And witches being spanked. And hot sex. And animals. But it’s not what you think. Well, maybe it is what you think. 😯 Anyway, it’s awesome. Get it here. It also comes with a brat guarantee: any homework not done or bedtime not met because of reading this ebook is not punishable by law. 😀

    • Alyx says:

      Yippee! Going to buy my copy now! 😀

      Let me add this top guarantee: Any homework not done or bedtime not met because of reading the ebook is punishable by hand, brush, and/or leather strap.

    • micah says:

      A hot sexy book and free rein to do as you wish…What more could a Brat ask for???

    • Loki Renard says:

      Thanks Fizzy and Alyx 🙂 It does indeed have witches and spanking and suchlike and bed times and homework and other such concerns should probably fade into total irrelevance when you read it if I did my job properly.

      The next book I do will *definitely* have a ‘get out of trouble’ free coupon or similar. Redeemable at all participating tops.

      • TMT: Soo, young Brat, your homework is not yet done because you were reading a naughty story by Loki Renard?

        Brat: Ye-es, but I have this ‘get out of trouble free’ voucher from Ms Renard and it says that you are a ‘participating Top’ …see, there on the back? Also, I was improving my mind with occult knowledge, which I thought you would approve of!

        TMT: Ahhh – yes – I did indeed agree to participate in this scheme. In which case, young Little Miss Brat, you will not be going over my knee for *not* doing your homework, but for imagining that you could use the voucher *after the fact*. You know perfectly well you should have asked me first, before skipping your homework. Also, since you have mentioned ‘occult knowledge,’ I will test you on ‘cones of power’ and if you can’t remember how witches raise them, I’m sure you’ll benefit from a personal demonstration how this particular Top does!

      • Alyx says:

        You definitely did your job right, Loki — I forgot about bedtimes the whole time I was reading it! Fortunately I came to my senses once I finished. 😆

        “Cones of power,” eh? *vbg* Well, I’d definitely like to see you raise yours, TMT!

        And Fizzy’s quite right. Brats won’t be reading the fine print, so coupon redemption time should be quite interesting. *eg*

    • SP says:

      OMG, the bed scene with the Goddess is so hot! Be honest with ya, I … er … had … er…IT … twice, once last night and once this morning. *happy blush* Great summer reading. 🙂

      • Alyx says:

        LOL, I’m sure Loki will be happy to know her scenes inspired such…happy activity…on your part, SP! I know you weren’t the only one. *vbg*

        That story was wonderfully original, and yes, very hot! It wasn’t what I expected, but then Ms. Loki often has a way of doing that to me. 😆 You’d think I’d learn not to have any preconceived notions, wouldn’t you! *g*

        • Loki Renard says:

          I do enjoy surprising you, Ms Alyx.

          I also have a little secret / confession. A good deal of the inspiration for this novella came from scrapping over the lunar-ness or lack thereof of women on this very blog. This digital space is very fertile fiction ground indeed.

          Now, where did I park my broomstick?

          • Alyx says:

            Well, I think that’s great! Feel free to gain all the inspiration you need to write more yummy F/F stories! 😀

            It was definitely your own special take on lunar-ness, Loki. *bg* And once I got over my surprise, I did enjoy it. You have a distinctive style and viewpoint, and I’m glad we have a chance to enjoy it on a semi-regular basis!

            • Loki Renard says:

              ‘Once I got over my surprise, I did enjoy it.’

              Now I have an image of you in full length lace gown (high lace collar, of course) sitting in a cane chair fanning yourself whilst taking deep breaths and making sidelong glances at the computer for several minutes before returning to the fray. *grins*

              As for viewpoint, if lunar-ness doesn’t mean sex with lusty incarnated deities – then I for one have no idea what it means.

              • Alyx says:

                *suspicious look* Was my webcam switched on??? *throws hands up* Lawdy, lawdy, I don’ know WHAT this chile thinks about in that head a’ hers! 😆

                No, it was more of an “intently following along, never taking my eyes off the monitor, with moments of raised eyebrows and big grins.” 😀

      • Loki Renard says:

        Well this makes me a very happy chapette *grins* Always love to hear that people are gleaning enjoyment from the book!

  10. cutey1991 says:

    well since you never mentioned switches or belts all is well


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