She’s he-ere……

Alyx put down her suitcase and stuck her key in the lock. It had been an interesting but tiring trip, and she was soooo glad to be home. There’s nothing like your own bed, she thought to herself. And that’s the first place I’m headed. She also couldn’t wait to show her brat the souvenir she brought back for her.

The door swung open to reveal not a serenely empty living room, but one filled with brats. For one frozen moment the returning top and the errant partiers stared at each other in shock. Alyx’s surprised expression was replaced by narrowed eyes as she took in the various states of disarray, including one miscreant who looked a bit green about the gills.

Alyx let the door swing shut with a soft click, which broke the silence in the room. “Would someone like to tell me,” she began in a deceptively polite voice, “exactly what’s going on here?” In reality the top had a pretty good idea, from the reek of liquor in the air, and the clear signs of a celebration gone awry. She didn’t catch any scent of pot, but her brat was wearing a suspiciously glassy-eyed expression.

The brats looked at each other guiltily, no one wanting to be the one to start. A couple of them eventually opened their mouths, but Alyx forestalled them with a raised palm. “One moment, please.” She strode into her bedroom and returned bearing a black leather paddle. She always liked to give a brat the opportunity to tell the truth, but sometimes a visual reminder was helpful. She pulled up a chair and sat down, laying the paddle down carefully on her thigh.

“All right,” she began again, as she slowly and deliberately rolled up her sleeves, “someone better tell me what went on in my absence. And DON’T leave anything out!”

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  1. Smallfry_6 says:

    Hello Miss Alyx,

    Well you see… everyone was starting up a parrtty.. with liquor and some special suckers. When Chicklet told us all to get it cleaned up… well few of the brats scattered and Micah wanted to know more about Chicklet… so i offered some warningss.. but i am allowed one drink every now and then…so i asked for one shot of Vodka before it got dumped. which i drank. from that point on i dumped the vodka and filled the bottle with water. Micah continued to drink, as i had my shots of water. and i am not 100% sure of what the others were doing.

    As micah starts to feel sick and the house becomes a mess… i felt very bad for the way i was acting.. so i help micah get on the couch and give her some water and food to calm her stomach. then i began to clean- all the bottles, the carpet… the brats tell me that cleaning wont save me, i still felt it was necessary to try to clean instead of hiding it from you. Cras was a bystander, she did not participate in anything, she just offered to help clean.

    Sorry Alyx for letting the mess happen *gulps*.. should have know better than to participate in any way….


  2. Cutey says:

    I would like to say that since I kept my bra on I was never truly topless. Also, I never vomited.

  3. Cutey says:

    In fact I got distracted and missed most of the fun/naughtyness. *Gulps*
    while staring at the black leather paddle

  4. lola says:

    Hey! How come I missed all the fun??? Not fair!

  5. micah says:

    *whispers to iola* I’ll glady switch with you!? Please!!!

    • lola says:

      :::whispering to Micah::: I wouldn’t use the word “switch” around here…..especially around Alyx…she likes it…..

  6. lola says:

    :::pulling up a chair to sit next to Alyx…grabbing a beer and some popcorn…waiting for the show to start::::: Good luck, you guys…..may the force be with you….:::tossing some popcorn in my mouth::::::

  7. Fizzy says:

    Hi Alyx, we missed you! Well, see, what happened was: I just got my medical marijuana prescription for my Social Anxiety Disorder, and I wanted to see whether it works. So I invited the brats over for a little social get-together. Which was going fine until Chicklet stopped by and scared Micah, who misheard her say “pour the alcohol down the drain” and thought she said “more alcohol and champagne,” and then everyone else was just being good and trying to take care of Micah and clean up. It could have happened to anyone. And like cutey said, you just said no topless carousing, and we all had tops on the whole time!

    So the great thing is, this new medicine works! I’m not anxious at all! Here, I saved a sucker just for you…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. micah says:

    *murmuring to myself* Oh my gosh, she’s good at this!

  9. lola says:

    :::choking on a kernel as I snort and sneek a peak at Alyx:::: Smooth…real smooth…10 points to Fizzy…..:::taking a chug as I smirk:::::

  10. Alyx says:

    Alyx, about to hand out swats as she mediated the squabble between Lola and Cutey, paused to listen to Fizzy’s recital. Her eyebrows rose till they nearly left her forehead as she listened to the unlikely explanation. Even the brats were left open-mouthed (if admiring) at the attempt to dissemble.

    “I see,” she said, eyes narrowing. “Well, your account contradicts Smallfry’s, but that should be easy enough to clear up! I can check with Chicklet, and I can check with your doctor. ‘Social Anxiety Disorder,’ eh? You will be one SAD little brat for sure if that isn’t what happened!”

    Sleeves now rolled up, Alyx stood and tapped the end of the paddle against her palm. “Anyone care to add to that, before I dispense my own prescription for what ails Ms. Fizzy here? Everyone who participated is going to get a taste of the same medicine, so think carefully before you reply!”

  11. 1Chicklet says:

    “Alyx, I just stopped by to …Whoa, what happened here? Look’s like a tornado hit your place. Well, I stopped by to see how your trip was and to let you know I stopped by the other day to check in on things. Do hope I you don’t mind.”

  12. 1Chicklet says:

    Correction:* “I do hope you don’t mind.” Sorry been a long few days.

    • Alyx says:

      Hi Chicklet! Oh good, you can clarify something for us. Apparently there was a misunderstanding about exactly what your instructions were. You weren’t encouraging the alcohol *stopping to snatch the beer from Lola’s hand* or the marijuana *ditto with the sucker being offered by Fizzy*, were you?

  13. 1Chicklet says:

    No Alyx, not at all. As a matter of fact, I was surprised that there was a party going on at your place in your absence. I shut the load music off before the neighbors called the police. I told them that I did not think that you gave anyone permission to have a party…come to think of it I did record the conversation with my new you can listen for yourself. (Chicklet finds recording and presses play.)

    I do believe that Alyx said, “There will be NO topless carousing while Iโ€™m gone!!” What part of that was not clear?? HMMM?? I do not believe that she gave anyone permission to have a party in her absence. So, now letโ€™s get this place cleaned up, shall WE? Cutey, you can start by getting dressed properly. I want all the alcohol over by the sink. Micah, you can start pouring all that alcohol down the drain. Fizzy throw that pot sucker away right this instant. As a matter of fact if any of you have any other recreational goodies, I suggest you throw them away as well. When you are done cleaning up this disaster, you will each write a letter to Alyx telling her what you have done in her absence. Do I make MYSELF clear?

    (Chicklet rubs forehead trying to ease migraine) Alyx, do you mind if I have a seat, these last few days have been very intense?

    • lola says:

      :::leaning forward…straining to hear the recording::::: Its a bit scratchy, but that actually does sound like “more alchohol and champagne”. Just giving an unbiased opinion….

  14. 1Chicklet says:

    Correction: *Loud* not load

  15. micah says:

    *entire body starting to tremble violently*
    *legs about to give way at any second*
    *nausea and headache giving way to sheer terror as my worst nightmare comes true*
    *swooning slightly *

  16. Alyx says:

    Alyx nodded as Chicklet’s recording concluded. That sounded more like what she would’ve expected.

    “Thank you, Chicklet. I’m sorry to hear about your migraine, but have a seat over there and rest a bit. You can enjoy the show.”

    So saying, she turned to glare at the assembled brats. “All right, young ladies, it’s time to pay the piper. I do hope the celebration was worth what you’re about to receive!” She pointed at Micah, who looked like she was about to pass out. “You’re first, missy.” Then, because the poor brat was frozen in place, Alyx walked over and grabbed her by the arm. She escorted her back to the chair, sat down, and began to unsnap and unzip her jeans. One downward yank and the now-trembling girl was standing there in her underwear. But she didn’t have long to ponder her fate, as she was quickly hauled over Alyx’s lap.

    “P-please,” Micah managed, feeling the blood begin to pound in her head from her upside down position. “I’ve never really been spanked before….”

    “Is that so?” Alyx asked, wrapping her left arm tightly around Micah’s waist. Her voice was stern, but not unkind. “Then I’d say it’s long overdue, young lady.” She deliberately lowered the brat’s underwear, ignoring her groan of shame. She patted the bare bottom in front of her reassuringly. “It won’t kill you, little one.” Then she gave a grim smile of satisfaction. “Though by the time I’m through with you, you might wish it had!” She raised her arm and the spanking commenced.

    • micah says:

      God, Alyx! I’m sorry!!! YEOUCH!!!…It’s all a horrible mistake!!!…
      *my mind screaming* This is nothing like I thought it would be like!
      OW!!!! Please don’t!!!
      *mind till screaming* I thought alcohol was supposed to DULL the senses.

  17. Alyx says:

    Alyx chuckled at the squirming and yelping coming from newbie Micah. She was barely giving her a warm-up. Though I suspect, with her penchant for trouble, she’ll quickly gain experience in these matters, she thought with a snort.

    However she took pity on the brat’s virgin hindquarters and stopped when there was only a slight pink tinge. Grabbing Micah by the back of her collar she marched her over to the sofa, jeans and panties still pooling around her feet, and bent her over the back of it. With a hand curved firmly around the nape of her neck, she held her in place and said sternly, “Stay right there, young lady! I’m not finished with you.”

    Then she returned to her chair and sat back down, her laser gaze zeroing in on the next miscreant. “Cutey, get your naughty butt over here right now!”

  18. Cutey says:

    wow a bare-bottomed spanking in a room filled with at 7 other people. * staring wide-eyed*

    I’m going to just let ya’ll carry on
    *sprints towards the nearest door*

    • Alyx says:

      “Not so fast, missy!” Alyx intercepted the sprinting brat and held her by the scruff of the neck. With her other hand, she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and punched in the number for Cutey’s Top. Before hitting the Send button, she raised her brow at Cutey. “All right, then, your choice: do I take care of your punishment, or does she?”

  19. Cutey's Top says:

    Oh Cutey doesn’t get an option… I am very displeased & will happily take her off your hands. I will discuss this illegal party in-depth tonight, & Cutey you have some explaining/groveling to do.

    • Alyx says:

      Oh excellent! ๐Ÿ˜€ I know I leave her in very good hands, and that you will see to it that she gets all that she deserves. Thank you, Cutey’s Top!

  20. cras says:

    *Finally finds my voice* Alyx, I know I should have left as soon as I saw what was happening, but I didn’t, and I’m sorry that I didn’t do that or intervene or something, but Smallfry’s account is accurate and I didn’t have anything to drink and I *was* trying to help clean.

    *Looks helplessly at Alyx while standing to the side of the room frozen in place and hoping desperately for some form of mercy*

    I really am sorry. *said in a small voice*

    • Alyx says:

      Alyx looked over at young Cras and deliberated. Normally she would’ve administered at least a token trip over her knee, though perhaps not as much as the other brats were going to receive. But Cras did look very sorry.

      “I tell you what, missy,” Alyx said. “I will finish punishing these rascals, and you think about whether you had any involvement in this party and this mess. If you feel you have no responsibility, nothing to feel guilty for, then that’s good enough for me.” She smiled at the penitent brat. “I’ll ask you again when I’m finished with my walloping.”

  21. 1Chicklet says:

    Alyx, I sure do appreciate your hospitality, but I need to get going. Hope you have a whopping good time now that youโ€™re home. We really must do tea soon. Iโ€™ll just see myself out.

  22. micah says:

    *collective sighs as the potentail of a topping tagteam disappeared*

  23. micah says:

    potential…. the word is potential (Freudian slip)

    • Fizzy says:

      ROTFL awesome Freudian slip

      • micah says:

        *giggling* You know Fizzy -you may be right!! … “Potent tail” is a much better description and so much more mentally..intriguing… LMAO I wish I had done it on purpose. It really was a Freudian slip!!!
        *covering my endangered backside* Although I’m sure my subconscious meant it in the most respectful way possible to the lovely Tops.

  24. Alyx says:

    Alyx glanced up, a little surprised by Chicklet’s abrupt goodbye. Guess her migraine was really bad…hope she feels better soon, she thought. Then she turned her attention to the remaining brats, most of which were looking at her with apprehension. The one exception was Fizzy, whose tendency to giggle suggested she was still under the influence. “You are going last,” Alyx informed her sternly. “I have special plans for you!” That seemed to wipe the smile off her face a bit.

    Alyx next grabbed hold of the brat who seemed to be clamoring for attention. “Come here, Lola,” she growled. “I know you were complaining about being left out!” Just as with Micah, Lola’s trousers were yanked down and she was bent over Alyx’s knee. Down came her panties, and then down came Alyx’s palm. Repeatedly. The sounds of stingy slaps resounded loudly, matched only by Lola’s cries of alarm. When her squirming bottom was a even shade of red, Alyx marched her over to the sofa, placing her next to Micah. With a final swat she instructed her, “Don’t move a muscle, if you know what’s good for you!”

    Slowly she turned to face her audience. “Smallfry?” she said softly. “You’re next.”

    • lola says:

      :::struggling to catch my breath::::: Geez…..

      :::mumbling under my breath and to Micah:::: I wasn’t even here for the party…I didn’t do anything!

  25. Smallfry_6 says:

    *gulps, slowly walks over to Alyx* I am really sorry for the mess that was made.. *looking down, fidgeting with my t-shirt as i wait* “Im sorry” whispered as i struggled to find my voice.

  26. sandy says:

    You know, I really don’t want to be the one to say this, but the whole debacle could’ve been avoided if a certain someone hadn’t made her absence public knowledge…surely that was practically giving those brats permission to run amok!!
    *Hope you had an enjoyable trip Alyx, it’s nice to see you back.

    • Alyx says:

      Liar, you very much wanted to be the one to say that! ๐Ÿ˜† (Actually, Fizzy pointed out the same thing — you brats really do think alike, don’t you?)

      My trip was relaxing and aggravating both. A beautiful wedding on the beach, and an inn in the mountains. And then….rooming and traveling with my parents. *vbg* Thanks, it’s good to be back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. homeatlast says:

    Good to see that you are still in control Alyx ๐Ÿ™‚ Sending a hug to all you poor brats! Lol

    • Alyx says:

      Hah, look at the avatar WordPress chose for you, HAL! They know you well. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Yup, still in control, but I hope my hand survives all this whacking! *g* Next time drop by for the party, HAL. There’s room for you over the sofa, y’know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Alyx says:

    Alyx resisted to urge to comfort the obviously remorseful brat. Time enough for that when the walloping was done. Instead, she was gentle as she lowered her pants, took Smallfry over her knee and positioned her. She pulled down her underwear and patted her rump softly. “I know you’re sorry,” she said. “And hopefully this will teach you to avoid the influence of certain other brats!” Then she raised her arm and began spanking.

    Just as with the others, she was thorough in her warm-up. Smallfry’s bottom began to grow pink, then red, as Alyx’s palm smacked every inch of her cheeks and upper thighs. She ignored any kicking and squirming till she was done. Then she held her by the scruff of the neck and escorted her to join Micah and Lola over the sofa. Three upturned brats, three well warmed up bottoms. She nodded in satisfaction.

    Just one more naughty bottom to make a full set. She turned around and narrowed her eyes at Fizzy. “Now, my girl,” she growled, ‘let’s have a little discussion about that ‘Disorder’ of yours, shall we?”

  29. fizzybrat says:

    Ha…uh…*looking with trepidation at the pink-bottomed brats bent over the sofa* I feel an attack coming on…I have social anxiety being punished in front of other people. *dramatically collapsing on the sofa* go ahead, finish up what you were doing with them, I’ll just lie here and recover, thanks.

  30. micah says:

    *peeping at Fizzy through hair as it hangs over face*
    *sighs in hero worship*
    *thinking* I want to be just like Fizzy some day!!!
    *sighs again wistfully and murmurs ever so softly* God save the Queen!!!

  31. Katherine says:

    Not to interupt the lovely story, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am watching with glee. I’m new to the blog, but not your stories Alyx.

  32. cutey1991 says:

    *wanders back in whimpering from where my top finished with me*

    i’m sorry Alyx. I will will remain clothed at all times and not pre-game or bring in alcohol.

    *looks at the 3 bottoms in the air.*
    so is blood rushing to your heads then

    • Alyx says:

      Thank you, your apology is accepted, Cutey. But I wouldn’t be so quick to laugh at them if I were you! I’m quite sure the blood was rushing to YOUR head not so long ago. *thumbs up to Cutey’s Top* ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. Alyx says:

    In spite of their sore and upturned states, Alyx could see some of the brats giggling at Fizzy’s dramatic gestures. The outright disobedience was unlike her…no doubt a side effect of the pot she’d consumed. In any case, her comeuppance was past due.

    “Oh, I have something to help you with your ‘condition,’ my poor Fizzy. I call it ‘Desensitization Therapy.'” She took ahold of the brat’s ear and brought her to her feet, squealing loudly. “Though come to think of it, it’ll probably leave you very sensitive indeed!” Alyx chuckled to herself over the pun, though for some reason the brats didn’t seem to appreciate the humor in it.

    She marched Fizzy into the bathroom. “The first thing we’re going to take care of is your penchant for lying.” There were many protests at that as Fizzy tried to argue her innocence. “Save it, missy! You know very well bending the truth is a lie! Now open up.”

    The brats in the living room all swallowed in sympathy. Getting your mouth washed out with soap was no fun at all. Though it was clear from Alyx’s growls that Fizzy wasn’t giving in without a fight.

    “Oh yes, you will, my little dissembler! Or would you like me to consider that maybe those chemicals in your system need to be cleaned out more thoroughly?”

    They could hear Fizzy’s gasp from the living room. There was a horrified silence throughout the entire apartment.

    “Y-you w-wouldn’t!”

    “Open up,” was the threatening reply. Groans, cries, coughing and the sounds of vigorous rinsing followed. Fizzy was marched back out again, flushed and shaking her head as if trying to get rid of the taste.

    Alyx sat down on her chair and unfastened Fizzy’s jeans, then pulled her over her lap and bared her bottom. She wrapped her left arm tightly around Fizzy’s waist, then hiked her knee up to raise the brat’s bottom even higher.

    “Young lady, there are times to indulge in recreation, and times to obey one’s top. It’s clear you have trouble distinguishing between the two, so I think a little EMPHASIS is in order. It might take awhile to get to that fuzzy brain of yours since I’m starting at the other end. But don’t worry, I will continue to UNDERSCORE the message until it gets through!”

    So saying, Alyx lifted her hand high and brought it down with a thunderous whack. Just as with the other brats, she administered a thorough bare-bottomed spanking. But because this was HER brat, and considering the level of naughtiness shown, the swats fell at twice the rate of the others’ punishments. Again and again her hard palm landed, covering every inch from the crown of Fizzy’s buttocks to halfway down her thighs. Her cheeks were bouncing from the impact, her hips bucking and legs kicking, and still Alyx spanked on. When her brat’s bottom was a uniform glowing red, she paused.

    “I think social anxiety over being punished in public is probably the last thing on your mind right now, isn’t it?” A whimper from near the carpet confirmed this was the case. “Ah, good. You can thank me later. Right now….” she lifted Fizzy upright and led her to the sofa, then bent her over to join her fellow miscreants. Alyx shook out her hand. She’d built up an impressive stamina, as anyone who was Fizzy’s top would do, but spanking so many brats in a row was bound to take its toll. Fortunately, that’s what implements were for.

    Alyx picked up her black leather paddle and walked over to the first one in line. She placed her hand firmly on Micah’s lower back to hold her steady, and addressed the waiting brats.

    “All right, ladies, this is the finale to this little episode of revelry. I hope you will remember this the next time you are tempted to ‘Party at Alyx’s’ without permission!”

    She pulled the paddle straight back, then let it fly, landing as loud as a gunshot on Micah’s right cheek. Micah screeched as her head flew up in disbelief. A second equally hard whack on her left cheek, and Micah’s legs kicked involuntarily. Alyx left her gasping and moved down the sofa to Lola. She held her down and delivered two swift swats in succession. The brat yelled loudly and made to rise, but Alyx pushed her back down. “Stay right where you are, missy! I’m not finished with you!”

    Smallfry was next, and Alyx’s swats were slightly lighter. It was still stingy as hell, and the brat cried out and wriggled frantically. “I’m really sorry!” she said.

    Alyx lined up next to Fizzy. Her brat was already squirming in distress, imagining what the leather paddle would feel like on her already scorched rear end. Alyx’s warm palm pressed against her lower back, then she felt the leather tap against her bottom. What followed was like a lick of pure fire.

    “Oh my god, I’m sorry! I’ll never do pot suckers again, I promise!!” she wailed.

    Alyx nodded in satisfaction. She stepped back and walked sloooowly again to the other end of the sofa. Each measured tread made them shiver, and the brats found themselves grabbing each other’s hands and hanging on for dear life. The top surveyed the bright red bottoms facing her. She’d originally considered going several rounds to teach them a lesson they would never forget. But looking at the other brats’ faces in the room, she suspected she’d achieved that already. One more round should do it, just to make sure.

    The last set of swats were lighter, but due to the soreness of the brats’ cheeks the howls were just as loud. She put down the paddle, told them to get dressed, then gave each of them a hug.

    “No one’s driving home till they sober up,” she said sternly. “I’ll make some coffee and hot chocolate in a minute. In the meantime, just relax.” She grinned to herself at the groans and grumbles which followed that instruction.

    On the way to the kitchen, she stopped in front of Cras. She reached out, took hold of her chin, and looked into the brat’s eyes. “All right, missy. What’s your decision? Are you blameless, or not?”

    • cras says:

      *Miserably looks at Alyx, already half on the edge of tears, having had all the time to think, as well as see the others punished, then closes my eyes and whispers* No, ma’am, I’m not blameless.

      • Alyx says:

        Alyx nodded. She had a feeling the guilt would build up, even if Cras hadn’t been drinking or taking drugs. Simply being there made her a part of the party, in the top’s opinion. She was glad the brat thought so too.

        “Come on, then, let’s get this over with, young lady,” she said, taking Cras by the arm and leading her over to the chair. Just as with the others, her jeans were lowered and she found herself bent over Alyx’s lap. “I’m sure your girlfriend would NOT have approved of you being here, knowing I had expressly forbidden any hijinks,” Alyx said as she lowered Cras’s panties. “And I do not approve either! I think a little reminder about making better choices is in order, missy.”

        She lifted her arm yet again, and brought it down swiftly. This spanking was slower, more methodical, but designed to make a brat feel truly penitent. Alyx’s hard palm made several trips around Cras’s bottom, paying special attention to the sensitive sit-spots, but not neglecting her upper thighs either. Cras started squirming, then wriggling, then kicking as the heat built up in her hindquarters.

        “Ow! I’m sorry! I’ll make better choices in the future, I promise!”

        “Good girl,” Alyx nodded, continuing to spank. When the bouncing bottom in front of her was sufficiently colored and giving off a palpable warmth, she wound up the punishment with several stingers right where the brat would feel it when she sat down later. Then Alyx replaced her clothing and lifted her upright for a long hug. She watched with a smile as Cras gingerly rubbed.

        “Okay, hot drinks for everyone!” She went into the kitchen to get hot chocolate for the brats….and an ice pack for her hand. ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. tenthmusetop says:

    *whispers* (so as not to wake the brats) glad you had a good trip, Honey – made it up and down and up and down again, all in one piece. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (silver bubbles work even in ignorance it would seem) xTMT

    • Alyx says:

      *whispers back* (though I don’t think the brats are sleeping *bg*) Thanks, darling. I did make it to and fro, twice, though the first time was almost NOT in one piece! *wry g* Sending you warm thoughts as you wrangle poets on your side of the globe. *cuddle* ~~xxA

      • hmmm.. now there’s a thought and it could work much better than mediation –

        TMT – ‘Give me an example of alliteration.’
        Poet – ‘Ooo! Ow-Ow! Ouch!’
        TMT – ‘Correct. Now: provide me with six different metaphors which accurately describe this sting -‘

        *evil grin*
        *hug back* xTMT

        • Alyx says:

          ROTFLMAO! Yes, I think you’re onto something there, TMT. Although it would probably have people squabbling just to be seen by you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. Fizzy says:

    I’m *sniff* sorry, Alyx. I shouldn’t have been doing pot without permission – ow! Okay, not at all – or *looking at floor* showing off for the other brats. I won’t do it again, I promise.

    *brightening* I just read the beginning again, you said you brought me back a souvenir! I get a pressie? Oh fine, spank cras first. ๐Ÿ˜†

    • Alyx says:

      No, you shouldn’t have been doing those things, and I’m sure it won’t happen again. *mentally crossing fingers on that one* *long cuddle* How do you know I didn’t bring back another leather implement from cowboy country, hm? *vbg*

      (No, actually, it’s some really great cookies. But yes, let me go take care of Cras first.)

  36. Smallfry_6 says:

    *sniffs* Thankk you Alyx for helping to correct our behaviour…. I am truly sorry for *sniffs* taking part in this party… *starts to clean up the remainder of the mess as i wait for Alyx to deal with cras*

  37. lola says:

    :::burying my hands in my back jean pockets as I slink over to Alyx, looking down::::: um, Alyx….I, too, am sorry for the mayhem……why did I get in trouble (again)? I wasn’t here until AFTER…..:::rubbing my burning butt::::

    • Alyx says:

      *eyebrow rising* You got spanked because you deserved it, young lady!

      For adding to the mess and trying to stir up trouble:

      :::throwing a handful of popcorn at Cutey:::: โ€™cause I wasnโ€™t at the illegal partyโ€ฆ.nor was I topless either

      For drinking after 2 tops had forbidden it:

      :::choking on a kernel as I snort and sneek a peak at Alyx:::: Smoothโ€ฆreal smoothโ€ฆ10 points to Fizzyโ€ฆ..:::taking a chug as I smirk:::::

      For disrespect:

      :::glaring at Alyx:::: Hey! What did you do that for???

      And for behavior designed to provoke a reaction:

      :::leaning forwardโ€ฆstraining to hear the recording::::: Its a bit scratchy, but that actually does sound like โ€œmore alchohol and champagneโ€. Just giving an unbiased opinionโ€ฆ.

      In short, I’d say you needed to be taken over someone’s knee and have your backside thoroughly tanned. What’s more, I’d say you got exactly what you were aiming for. Any other questions? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • lola says:

        :::looking down:::: Sounds so bad when you put it like that. Sorry….::::slinking back out::::

        • Alyx says:

          “Oh good grief!” Alyx forgot for a moment how sensitive brats can be once they’ve gotten their rumps good and roasted. “I’ll be right back!” she called out as she dashed out the door. She caught up with Lola in the hallway. “Hold up a moment, brat!” She put her arm around Lola’s shoulders and carefully turned her around so that they were walking back to her apartment.

          “Listen, Lola, I’m old-fashioned, okay? If you purposely (or what I think is purposely) provoke me, I will respond accordingly. That doesn’t mean I’m angry with you, you know. If I couldn’t handle a little bit of hijinks and playfulness, would I be crazy enough to have a brat like Fizzy??!” Alyx nudged her in the ribs at that point, and saw the brat start to grin. “So as far as I’m concerned, the slate is clean. You’re a good kid, just like the rest of them in there.” Alyx managed to resist the strong urge to cough at that, and gave Lola a hug instead. “Now come in and have some coffee. Or hot chocolate. I might even have some tea somewhere.” She opened the door and pushed the brat through.

  38. InControl says:

    Hello Alyx

    Love the blog!
    Just visiting and wanted to say…
    I’m loving what you’re doing with those ‘brats’ and have to hand it to you for dealing with so many too.
    Those naughty girls will certainly think twice before they defy you again.
    Only sorry I could not have been there to hear the sniffs and whimpering!

    • Alyx says:

      Thank you and welcome, InControl! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, and please feel free to visit any time. It’s lovely to see all of these tops stopping by! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, I did have my hands full, didn’t I? Luckily it was full of sweet naughty bottoms….how can one complain about that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. micah says:

    *walking slowly up to Alyx* Umm…Not quite sure what to say.
    *notices ice pack on Alyx’s hand* Sorry about your hand, boss lady.
    *kicking toe against floor* I guess when I was going a little crazy I didn’t think about how others would be affected.
    Umm..thanks for bringing me back to reality. *a slight insecure smile* We’re still OK right? I can keep coming back to visit you guys? *another tremulous smile*

    • Alyx says:

      Alyx gave Micah a quick hug. “Listen,” she said quietly into her ear, “if I were a brat, I’d say your antics were one of the highlights of the party! I think all of the brats had a good time….well, until they had to pay for their celebrating, that is :lol:….and I’m sure they’d love to do it again sometime. Once they regain the ability to sit.” Alyx chuckled. “However since I’m not a brat but a mature and dignified top, I will tell you that all is forgiven. And if I ever catch you throwing up in my trash can again, I’ll wallop you so hard your grandkids will walk with a limp! Got it?” *swat!* ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. micah says:

    OUCH!!!…*hiss**gingerly rubs newly stinging rump*
    *Looks across the room at all the brats. Laughter and a few surrepticious butt rubs taking place*
    *Sees Alyx holding Fizzy in a bear hug as Fizzy leans back into the embrace…giggling*
    *Suddenly the word HOME comes to mind*……*bg*
    I believe I could use a coffee…Hmm…didn’t Fizzy stash some rum in the cleaning supplies somewhere???…*RBG*

  41. cutey1991 says:

    It is rather homey at Alyx’s place. Of course home for me is whenever i hear my TOP’s voice. but i do love crashing Alyx’s place to.

    lol irish coffee is the best kind. but i’m making mocha safely in the corner.

  42. sunnid says:

    Hi! I am new here, but I have read Alyxfic’s, Loki’s, HAL’s, Miss Mckenzie and Kai’s stories online and I think that they are great writers!!!!.

  43. sunnid says:

    I feel sorry for the brat’s that got in trouble, it’s not nice for Tops to hmmmm….to..hmmm..stop the fun::)

  44. Caput Capitis says:

    Alyx I applaud your energy. Just reading this makes my arm ache … but felt that it was time to let you know that I was standing quietly in the wings.

    • Alyx says:

      Welcome Caput! Glad you decided to speak up. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it that all of these tops are coming out of the shadows (er, so to speak *g*). (Assuming you’re a top from the “tired arm” comment, but no offense meant if not. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

      Edited to add: Ooo, just looked up the Latin phrase. I see my assumption was an understatement! ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. SP says:

    Dang it, I missed a great party! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Please make sure Alyx, to let us know when you leave town in the future ok? And stock your fridge and pantry real well too. *bg*

    • Alyx says:

      You did miss a great party, and I’m sure the brats missed you too, SP. As for me, I missed having your naughty bare butt lined up over the back of my sofa, so we’ll have to make sure you participate next time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. Ney says:

    Never seen a blog/story line like this before. Very effective. I am not a Top and proud of it. I do know that I have to suck it up and be disciplined from time to time (okay, daily) but I’ve only started to read your stories and blog. Really a great tool to keep the Tops happy with all their “Authoritativeness” (if thats a word) and for all the brats to live vicariously through each other. Brats…you hang in there and keep up the good work. BTW, get a look out next time. Well of course there won’t be a next time Alyx, I was just kidding. Ney

    • Alyx says:

      Hi Ney, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! There are lots of discipline blogs out there….but maybe you’re right that most of the readers wouldn’t try to have a party in their host’s absence. ๐Ÿ˜† Still, all’s well that ends well, eh? *eg* And yes, for this top seeing all those naughty bottoms reddened is a good ending! Heheheh. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the stories and the company.

  47. alsyn says:

    I volunteer! I’ll be the “LOOK OUT” or the “MASCOT” or the whatever! I can do it really!
    I won’t tell anyone the alcohol is hiding in the cleaning supplies ๐Ÿ™‚ I promise!
    If Alyx or the other Tops ever take a vacation again count me in hehehe, but I promise I will be good, weg.
    And NO absolutely not that there will never be a next time Alyx (very sweet smile here). Alsyn

  48. alsyn says:

    And Alyx and everyone that was one of the greatest stories I have ever read, you were all great! Alsyn

    • Alyx says:

      That was an unexpected “story,” Alsyn, as it was meant to just be a blog post! But trust the brats to get up to no good while the top’s away. *shaking head* And there better not be a next time, or you’ll be joining them over the couch, young lady! *growl*

  49. alsyn says:

    giggle not me Alyx I’m a good girl, my halo is shinning giggle! Alsyn

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