Away for a few days…

Hey all, I will be away from home for a few days, and the hotel I’m staying at is pretty basic, so they may not have internet access for me. Lorrrd, pray I make it through the pangs of deprivation! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Fizzy says I should I should leave instructions for all the brats on how to behave while I’m gone, but I don’t have time to write an ENCYCLOPEDIA! *rolls eyes* You all will just have to be on your best behavior. Trust me, it won’t kill you. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  No, really, it won’t. *snort*

See ya when I get back!

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35 Responses to Away for a few days…

  1. BickaBecka says:

    We’ll miss you ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope your trip goes well.

    And who knows? They may have internet and simply not bother to mention it. That happens sometimes.

    • Alyx says:

      Thanks, Becka. Yes, I’ll keep my fingers crossed on the internet access. But if not, I guess I can always work on a story, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • BickaBecka says:

        Ooh! *jumps up and down* ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Fizzy says:

        Story story pleeeease! I take back the “have fun on your trip” bit, what was I thinking?? Let’s all hope there’s no internet anywhere in a 20-mile radius and that your trip is boring and you have terrible insomnia all weekend! (sorry Alyx, but we are greedy imps) ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. micah says:

    Excuse me. I know I’m new to this but..ahh….does this mean we’re all going topless? I…guess… there could be some…little advantages to going topless.

    (thinking really hard) Like… no curfews…no eating healthy sh…stuff…no tan or should I say tanned lines. Hmm… is anyone getting any ideas?
    Heheh…Have a good time Alyx. We’ll miss you terribly! Party…Party…Party… (chant)

    • Alyx says:

      There will be NO topless carousing while I’m gone!! *stern look* I can see now you’re going to be a terrible influence on the board, young lady. You think along the same lines as my brat! *grrr*

      (Btw, the reason your comment needed moderating [besides the fact that WordPress can obviously sense you need close supervision *bg*] is because you typed your email address slightly differently from the last time. I’ve corrected it to match your first post, but please let me know if it should’ve been what you typed THIS time, and I’ll change them all.)

      • micah says:

        Thanks for the heads up about the email Alyx. I’ve got a new computer and I’m having to get used to a different keyboard. The last posting is the correct info.
        Um…I’m just wondering… I do some writing in my free time just for little ole me. Your deviant but cute Sesame Street spanking inspired me to write a new one. I just wondered if there was a way to send it to you (I’m not asking you to post it necessarily. It might not be good enough.) But it’s just a little ‘thank you’ for the stories you’ve written for all of us.
        It’s just an offer… Have a great trip, sweet cheeks!

        • Alyx says:

          I’ve changed your email address (which gave you a new avatar). You can send me your story any time to my regular email (check the link on the blog). Yikes, I gotta go to work! Later, brats.

  3. Cutey says:

    Immediately takes off shirt and opens bottle of fizzy drinks, (vodka, keg of beer)
    When does the party start? I’m already pre-gameing.

  4. Fizzy says:

    Party tunes…

    *makes pitcher of Mai Tais, pauses, takes Pot Sucker out of mouth, looks around* what are the rest of you having? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • micah says:

      Without any adult supervision, I’m feeling downright inspired! I’m torn between making a round of “Electric smurf” and “Fart in the Ocean”. Oh what the hey…why not both?
      *rubbing hands together happily* Bellies to the bar, ladies!

  5. 1Chicklet says:

    Chicklet enters surprised to find brattlings up to no good so soon after Alyxโ€™s departure, and quickly finds the contraption responsible for spewing that noise they call music these days, and turns it off. With both eye brows raised, hands on hips and tapping one foot on floor she very calmly, but sternly says, I do believe that Alyx said, “There will be NO topless carousing while Iโ€™m gone!!” What part of that was not clear?? HMMM?? I do not believe that she gave anyone permission to have a party in her absence. So, now letโ€™s get this place cleaned up, shall WE? Cutey, you can start by getting dressed properly. I want all the alcohol over by the sink. Micah, you can start pouring all that alcohol down the drain. Fizzy throw that pot sucker away right this instant. As a matter of fact if any of you have any other recreational goodies, I suggest you throw them away as well. When you are done cleaning up this disaster, you will each write a letter to Alyx telling her what you have done in her absence. Do I make MYSELF clear? (Chicklet takes two aspirin and leaves for her meeting.)

  6. micah says:

    OH MY GOSH! WHO WAS THAT?! My bottom’s tingling like crazy and she didn’t even threaten anybody. Is this what you guys have to deal with on a routine basis?
    I don’t get it… it’s like they travel in packs or something. How does a self-respecting bottom have any fun if they cover for each other’s absences?
    *thinking furiously* Fizzy…Cutey…any other brat lurking out there…we can’t pass up such a great opportunity by getting rid of all that liqour! I found a site that’s got tons more great drink mixes in addition to the two I’ve already gotten!
    *whine* I wanted to make ‘Sex on the Beach’ or maybe even a “Screaming Orgasm’ while Alyx was out of the way. Come on, ladies, who wants to pass up on one of THOSE drinks! *devil nublets rising* You guys have so much more experience with grouchy tops than I do so I’m all ears – but I DO happen to have a plan if no one else comes up with one *vbg **nublets becoming full-grown horns*

  7. Smallfry_6 says:

    Hey Micah.. ummm just to let you know you will be dealing with one hell of a top! Chicklet is a switch with a mean top streak. *shivers* Fizzy, Cutey, we have all seen Chicklet in action on the forum, we know what she is capable of.

    Now me being a bottom I am all for the bratting! but i dont know if the fun is over now.. Pssst Micah!?!? Pass one shot of vodka over before you dump it!

    HEHE good luck to all our bottoms! Cheers!

  8. micah says:

    Oh My GAWD! She scared the bejeepers out of me! *absently sipping on the Electric Smurf* uhhh…brats…I’ve never been spanked as an adult. The last time anyone touched my butt was when I was 12 and only 1 swat. ONE top is hard enough to handle but now a 2nd one? My gosh, they wouldn’t band together would they at the same time? *still sipping Electric Smurf* I need some brattly guidance.
    * Chugging the rest of the smurf* Oh have the bottle of vodka, smallfry. I appreciate your information. *Reaching for the F**t in the Ocean* Remember safety in numbers ladies. Safety in numbers… Oh my, the room is spinning.
    *weaving precariously* Now les she…one shot for smallfry one for me…2 for smallfry, 2 for me…3 for…

  9. BickaBecka says:

    *Becka covers her eyes*

  10. Smallfry_6 says:

    Sitting with Micah, slowly taking these shots of vodka. *slowly getting tipsy, head falling* We must be careful.. they they cant catch us… Where are Fizzy and Cutey?? Come on out guys no one is here.. *clinks glass with Micah, taking another sip*

    Becka want a drink?

  11. cras says:

    Wow. I mean, just wow. I can’t decide if I ought to bail out of the room as fast as possible or if I should get popcorn and pull up a chair to the side to watch.

    I’m going to pre-decline any drink offers though. As Becka said, if Chicklet came back. *shudders* Not to mention what Alyx’ll do when she returns.

  12. micah says:

    Mm..guys. I think this has all been a misunderstanding. #1 Chicklet said to START pouring the liquor down the sink. I DID start to pour it before keeping the rest. #2 Chicklet SUGGESTED that we throw other stuff away. She didn’t say we HAD to. #3 Alyx said no TOPLESS carousing. Please note that Fizzy, Smallfry and I have kept our tops on the entire time. Only CUTEY needs to worry about not following Alyx’s orders. Lastly, I don’t think Chicklet realized we were actually performing a scientific study comparing multipe vs single alcoholic intake: The objective is to see if drinking several types allows the alcohol to sort of…go all over the body instead of staying in just one spot thereby minimizing drunkeness. Sooo – Smallfry here is assisting my study by imbibing in vodka only. I am sacrificing myself and trying 4 different types. You see? We’re actually on a noble quest to further modern science.
    *Mixing a Sex on the Beach and a Screaming Orgasm while talking* Why would a Top get mad about a school project for crying out loud! *takes big gulp of each drink* Whoa – that’s good stuff! *looks back and forth and finally pours them into the same cup* *Big gulp* Oh my gosh – THIS IS GREAT! I’ve made a SCREAMING ORGASM ON THE BEACH! I could make millions off this stuff! *shakes Smallfry who appears to be in a zombielike state* You OK? You need to keep up smallfry or the study will be invalid.*eg*

  13. Smallfry_6 says:

    I did not agree to this study!! Ummm… Micah?? ….. I switched my vodka out for water before we started taking shots..this is all you, sorry buddy….*Grabs a chair and some popcorn sitting with cras.*

  14. micah says:

    *laying on the floor because the world is spinning* Lemme shay this shlowly. It seems that my witness group in my shtudy has abondoned me. Therefore, the shtudy is no longer valid. Hmm.. *trying to sit up and then falling back to the floor* Fizzy, Cutey, Smallfry, Becka, and Cras aren’t helping me. *trying my best to think logically as the world keeps spinning & spinning* Is this a sign that it would be a good idea to get the hec out of dodge? Umm… fellow brats, I am open for any suggestions as to how I can keep my dignity intake. *starts heaving as nausea sets in* Or for that matter my butt intact.

  15. Smallfry_6 says:

    picks Micah off the ground.. starts pouring water down her throat.. here soper up.. we have to clean this mess before the tops get back… *shivers* holding Micah, dragging her to a chair.. hurries around to clean up some of the disaster. Shudders at the thought of the tops coming back…

  16. Smallfry_6 says:

    sober not soper… grrr…

    cant leave a fellow bottom on the floor..

  17. Fizzy says:

    *returns after “disposing” of the rest of the “recreational goodies” as per Chicklet’s orders, happy silly smile plastered across my face*

    heehee hi smallfry. Micah, what’ve you been doing? waz it good? well at least you’ll probably still be numb when the first top gets back and starts whaling on your butt. ๐Ÿ™‚

    *looking around* wow. this place is a MESS. did we do that? ‘k. Let’s put Micah on the sofa under a blanket, and say she’s sick, and the rest of us are taking care of her. Yeah. We should get brownie points for that. Hehe. I just had the best brownie…okay okay. And we can hide the alcohol behind the cleaning supplies, we’ll have a few weeks before anyone finds that. ๐Ÿ˜† okay, then…move the chair to hide the wine stain on the carpet…move the lamp in front of the hole in the wall…and now we watch movies till the tops get back. Since everyone seems to have popcorn already. *grabbing some of my own, as the munchies are kicking in* What should we watch, dudettes?

  18. Smallfry_6 says:

    guys?? Dont you think honesty would be the best way to go?? Lets clean this up as best as possible then tell the tops the truth.

    *cleaning the carpet and liquor up*

    • Fizzy says:

      Clearly, Smallfry has realized that while Alyx might not have internet TODAY, she will have it again at some point. *g* Where you make your error is in thinking that being good now will have any effect whatsoever on the punishments meted out upon her return. No, I fear we are all in the same boat, and it is a red bottomed boat, with paddles.

      But it’s nice of you to help clean up before the inevitable. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • micah says:

        *small quivery voice* I love you guys. You’re the best! *rolls over to the conveniently located trash can* (leaves rest to your imagination)

        • Smallfry_6 says:

          Helping Micah… need to get you some toast and club soda.. lay on the couch, Micah..

          I will continue to clean, I made a mistake by taking that first shot..but water was all I had after that.

          *continuing to clean* not looking forward to the tops coming back. *shivers*

  19. cras says:

    *Considers the mess and decides that my continued presence has probably already made me an accomplice to the whole thing, so I might as well help clean up.*

    *Starts gathering bottles, picking up trash, and is keeping an eye out for a vacuum*

    Micah, babe, when your stomach settles you might try getting some ginger ale or sprite in you and then maybe give water a go in order to stave off the hangover that’s coming. No reason we all shouldn’t be hale and hearty for the onslaught that’s coming.

  20. micah says:

    *groaning and rolling onto floor to help clean up* Oh man…the hangover’s already starting. Look…I’ll just lay here …quietly… and pick up the dropped popcorn by hand. PLEASE don’t fire up the vacuum yet. *keeping trusty trash can handy starts picking up kernels*

  21. BickaBecka says:

    Tick tock… ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

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