Happy Grrl’s Day!

Okay, I have my stories page up now, but none of my stories are linked to it yet. I’ll be adding them gradually one by one.

This stuff is a pain, because I can’t get the pages to look exactly how I want them to look! For this I was called a “finicky brat” by one FAR brattier than I. *scowl* It’s a good thing I’m a top of much forbearance.*

(*That, and the fact that I can wallop her on a regular basis. *eg*)

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6 Responses to Happy Grrl’s Day!

  1. fizzybrat says:

    It is a beautiful blog. However long your finicky highly particular self spent picking out that exact shade of blue, it was worth it. 🙂

    • Alyx says:

      Young lady, my “highly particular self” would be equally conscientious about achieving the perfect shade of red on a very specific palette as well! Which I’m sure you will would appreciate. *smile*

      Thank you, Fizzy, for the compliment. 🙂

  2. pippin says:

    What exactly is ‘Girls Day’?

    I’d like to see that ‘perfect shade of red’ painted on Ms Fizzy, please. *bg*

    • Alyx says:

      What, didn’t V give you any treats for Girls’ Day?? Shame on her! *bg*

      Girls’ Day: the third day of the third month
      Boys’ Day: the fifth day of the fifth month (though someone told me that in Japan, where it originated, it’s now known as “Children’s Day”).

      I think you’re not the only one who would like to see Fizzy-brat’s bottom painted red! Hmm…maybe I should take a poll? *eg*

  3. fizzybrat says:

    HEY! this is the thanks i get for a nice compliment?? 😛

    Pippin, if you like red bottoms, I’m sure we can arrange for you to have one of your very own. 😈

    Personally, I prefer a nice delicate shade of pink.

    • pippin3 says:

      No, no, no Fizzybrat … red suits you much better. Brats and red bottoms go very well together. None of this delicate pink shade. That’s just for warm-ups. Besides, it matches the strawberry in your pic. *g*

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